Long Term Disability (LTD)

Please note that information on this website is only intended to provide jargon-free information about the IARC benefits and does not cover every exception or possibility. The policy documents for the various benefits are controlling.


Long-Term Disability (LTD) is a monthly benefit payable in the event that, due to either sickness or accident, you are totally unable to perform your usual occupation and after 30 months any suitable occupation.

Only full- or part-time employees younger than age 65 are eligible for this benefit. Your Center will notify you of your employment status upon enrollment into the Plan. There is no coverage for short-term employees.

You will receive 70% of your monthly salary earned prior to disability less other income as noted in the IARC Death & Disability Benefit Plan Explanatory Booklet, plus employer retirement contributions for those employees actively participating in the IARC Retirement Plan.

The Plan offers a level of free coverage to which you are entitled without the need to provide the insurer with any evidence of health. This means that —

  1. if your LTD benefit does not exceed the maximum Free Cover Limit of $300,000 per annum of base salary, you are immediately accepted under the Plan for full benefits; or
  2. if your LTD benefit exceeds the maximum Free Cover Limit, you will need to follow the underwriting process as described in the IARC Death & Disability Benefit Plan Explanatory Booklet.

Effective Date of Coverage

If you are a full- or part-time employee, LTD coverage becomes effective on the date of employment at your Center and LTD will end on the day you terminate employment from your Center or at age 65.