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AIARC Benefits Guides

 Guarantee of Payment

To prevent you from having to pay for the total cost of your medical treatment in advance, it is recommended that you arrange for a guarantee of payment with Cigna.

In case of arranging guarantee of payments for an emergency medical treatment, contact Cigna by phone, rather than email, and provide admission and hospital contact details to them. For information on arranging an advanced guarantee of payment, click here.

 Medical Plan Claims
To submit medical claims, log in to your Cigna personal webpage at the Cigna website. To create your personal webpage click here for the instructions.
 Prescription Drug Orders

For outpatient prescription drugs received outside the United States and inpatient drugs received anywhere, claims are reimbursed by Cigna and treated the same as any other Plan expense.

For outpatient prescription drugs received in the United States, you must use a pharmacy in Cigna’s network of U.S. pharmacies. You will be required to present your Cigna ID card to the network pharmacists and pay your copay when obtaining drugs. Your Cigna ID card contains the following information to process your order:

  • Rx BIN# 017010, Rx Issuer (80840),
  • and Rx PCN 02160000

    If you do not use your card at the time of purchase, you will not receive the full amount of your reimbursement when you submit your claim.

    Click here for more information.

     Int'l SOS

    If you are actively employed at a Center and are enrolled in the IARC Insurance Plan, you and your dependents are covered for medical, security and travel assistance services through International SOS.

    In the event of an emergency, call the 24-hour Assistance Center at +1-215-942-8226 by placing a collect call if needed or call any of the nearest ISOS Assistance Centers listed on your ISOS Membership Card. When you call you will be asked to provide your name, employer’s name, ISOS membership number 11BCMA612778, and a description of the situation.

    Click here for more information about the ISOS Assistance Program.

     Retirement Plan Statements

    If you are an offshore retirement plan participant, log in to your account on the AllianzGI platform. To access your AllianzGI account, click here for the instructions.

    If you are a U.S. retirement plan participant, log in to your account at Vanguard. To register your Vanguard account click here for the instructions.

     Monthly Pay Stub

    To view your monthly paystub, log in your personal account on the AIARC Web Portal. To create your personal account click here for the instructions.

    Welcome to the AIARC Web!

    The AIARC web provides information about the various benefits administered by the Association of International Agricultural Research Centers (AIARC) on behalf of its member Centers for their current (active) and former (retired) employees.

    Benefits offered include medical insurance, emergency medical and security evacuation, death and disability insurance, business travel accident insurance, travel assistance services, and retirement. Please verify the benefits that you are eligible for based on your employment agreement with the Human Resources Department at your Center.

    AIARC partners with large internationally recognized companies to provide Center employees with a comprehensive benefits package.

    • Cigna, based in Antwerp, Belgium, provides services for most medical, dental, vision, and prescription drug claims for the Plan’s participants. Cigna partners with Cigna Healthcare (Cigna) in the United States to provide the Plan’s U.S. Open Access Plan (OAP) network for medical providers and the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO) network for dental providers. Cigna also handles claims for outpatient prescription drugs received in the United States.
    Emergency Medical, Security and Travel Assistance Services
    • International SOS, based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, handles AIARC’s emergency medical, security, and travel assistance services.
    Death and Disability
    • Utmost Corporate Solutions (formerly Generali Worldwide), based in Guernsey, Channel Islands, underwrites the coverage for life, accidental death and dismemberment, and long-term disability benefits.
    • Chubb, based in Warren Township, New Jersey, USA, underwrites the insurance for the employer-sponsored business travel accident insurance benefit.
    • AllianzGI, based in Munich, Germany, provides the retirement platform for non-U.S. taxpayers through the IARC Retirement Plan Trust located in Guernsey, Channel Islands.
    • Vanguard, based in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, USA, provides the IARC U.S. 403(b) Retirement Plan platform for U.S. taxpayers.
    Payroll and Benefits
    • AIARC, based in Alexandria, Virginia, USA, provides payroll and benefit processing services for 23 Centers worldwide.