AIARC Payroll & Benefit Calendar

The AIARC Payroll and Benefit Calendar provides the monthly due date for payroll and benefit changes from participants and Centers This date is known as the cutoff date which is the date that any changes must be received by AIARC from the Center’s Human Resource department in order to process the requested changes in that month. Please note that your Center may have earlier due dates based on the policy of the Center. Please check with your Center for its calendar of due dates.

The official pay date for Center employees is the last business day of the month. This date is also known as the value date.

2020 AIARC Payroll & Benefit Calendar

Payroll Month

Payroll & Benefit Changes Due Date Pay (Value) Date
January Wednesday, 8 January
Friday, 31 January
February Friday, 7 February Friday, 28 February
March Monday, 9 March Tuesday, 31 March
April Tuesday, 7 April Thursday, 30 April
May Thursday, 7 May Friday, 29 May
June Monday, 8 June Tuesday, 30 June
July Tuesday, 7 July Friday, 31 July
August Friday, 7 August Monday, 31 August
September Monday, 7 September Wednesday, 30 September
October Wednesday, 7 October Friday, 30 October
November Monday, 9 November Monday, 30 November
December Monday, 7 December Thursday, 31 December

This section is only applicable if AIARC processes payroll for your Center.

Upon your hire, your Center will notify you if your pay is processed through AIARC.

As the payroll agent for your Center, AIARC will process payroll payments once per month. Payment will be in U.S. dollars (USD) and will be disbursed on the last business day of each month. The last business day of a month is considered to be the last normal and customary workday in the Commonwealth of Virginia, USA. AIARC will endeavor to process payments so that your pay will be deposited to your account by the last business day of the month. However, AIARC cannot be responsible for unforeseen processing or banking delays, such as bank holidays in other countries.

To receive your pay, please complete the Payroll Deposit Authorization Form. The Payroll Deposit Authorization Form is used to indicate how you wish your pay to be deposited to your designated bank account. Your choices for direct deposits are ACH for U.S. bank accounts and international electronic wire transfer for banks located outside of the U.S. You may have up to two direct deposits. However, there will be a $15 monthly service charge for the second direct deposit, and this charge will be deducted from your salary. AIARC is only responsible for the fund transfer up to the point that it is released from AIARC’s bank. Any charges incurred after the point of release are due to the relationship that your beneficiary bank has with its corresponding intermediary banks. You will be responsible for any fees charged by your intermediary or beneficiary bank. Click here for more information about direct deposit and fees.

If you are a U.S. citizen or resident alien living outside the United States, you must complete both Form 673 and Form W-4.

 Other Information

To change payment methods, deposit amount, bank account, or other information, you must complete a new Payroll Deposit Authorization Form and send the signed copy to your Center’s AIARC Coordinator.

To add a new bank account, you will need to send a copy of your passport and bank statement showing your name, along with the Payroll Deposit Authorization Form to your center's AIARC Coordinator. Upon receipt of your new bank account information, an AIARC Coordinator will contact you to set up a convenient time for a verbal verification that is required to implement your new account. Your new bank account will be implemented after the verification is completed and within the appropriate AIARC monthly processing period.

To view and print your monthly paystubs, you will need to register for the AIARC Member Web Portal by following the instructions in the AIARC Member Web Portal Login Guide.

If you are having difficulties registering at the AIARC Web Portal contact your Center's AIARC Coordinator.

Online pay stubs are available for up to 12 months. To learn how to read your monthly pay stub, refer to the sample pay stub.

Your pay will be in the amount authorized by your contract with your Center. For the purpose of payroll calculations, AIARC considers your annual salary to be payable over 12 months. Click here to view sample calculations for normal and retroactive payments. Please note that all changes concerning payroll matters that are submitted by the payroll cutoff date will be incorporated in the current month. Changes submitted thereafter will be implemented in the following month.

In addition to your base salary, your Center may pay allowances such as post differentials, housing, education, and so forth. If you are to receive an allowance through AIARC, it will be included in your pay when AIARC is notified by your Center. All allowances are paid and calculated by the same method as your monthly base salary.

To authorize deductions from your monthly pay for loans, auto, housing, and so forth, you and your Center must complete the Payroll Deduction Authorization Form. All deductions are withheld on a monthly basis.