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Active Employee

You are eligible for coverage if your Center participates in the Plan and you are enrolled as an active employee by your Center because you meet the respective criteria for one of the following employment classifications:

  • A full-time employee working your Center’s normal work week;
  • A part-time employee working at least 20 hours per week or 50% of your Center’s normal work week and hired to work at the Center for at least one year;
  • A long-term consultant contracted to work for a Center for at least a year;
  • A short-term employee or consultant contracted to work for a Center less than a year but more than two months*;
  • A visiting scientist working temporarily at a Center;
  • A trainee/student in a Center’s training/educational program. Coverage is limited to two months or less.*; or
  • A very short-term employee working for less than two months.*

* Please note that participants who are enrolled as trainees/students or very short-term employees are not eligible for the dental and vision benefits and are not eligible for bridging or retiree insurance. A short-term employee or consultant contracted to work less than a year is not eligible for bridging or retiree insurance. Contact your Center for more details about eligibility guidelines and restrictions.

Your dependents are also eligible for medical plan coverage—including your spouse or domestic partner and your eligible children. An eligible child must:

  • be younger than age 26;
  • be biologically related to or adopted by you or your domestic partner;
  • live with you or maintain the same permanent address as you; and
  • receive more than half of his or her support from you.

If the domestic partner has a biological or adopted child from a previous relationship, this child is eligible for coverage as long as the Center employee remains in this domestic partnership. If the Center employee ends his or her relationship with the domestic partner, only a child who is biologically related or legally adopted by the Center employee will remain eligible for coverage. For more information on domestic partners, please refer to the IARC Medical Plan Brochure.

A child attending a college or university away from home is considered to live at the same permanent address as the Center employee.

Please note that no one can be covered as both an employee and a dependent, and no child can be covered as a dependent of more than one employee. If the employee dies, his or her dependents can continue coverage by paying the required premium, until they are no longer eligible.

 Coverage Dates

If you are a full-time employee, a part-time employee or a long-term consultant, Plan coverage becomes effective five days prior to your official date of employment at your Center.

If you are a short-term employee, short-term consultant, visiting scientist, trainee/student or very short-term employee, your coverage becomes effective on the date of employment.

The effective date of coverage for your current dependents will be the same as your effective date of coverage.

If you acquire a new dependent who meets the Plan’s eligibility rules you have 25 days to enroll the new dependent without penalty by completing the IARC Insurance Plan Change Form and submitting the form to AIARC.

  • In the event of marriage, new coverage is effective on the later of the date of marriage or the date you submit the enrollment form for your spouse.
  • New coverage for children is effective on the date of birth, adoption or placement for adoption.
  • In cases of domestic partnership, new coverage for your partner (and his/her eligible dependents) is effective upon the date of approval by your Center.

If you drop a dependent from the medical plan, you have 25 days to notify your Center and AIARC by completing and submitting the IARC Insurance Plan Change Form.

If a new participant (employee or dependent) does not submit a completed IARC Insurance Plan Change Form within 25 days of becoming eligible, the Plan will limit claims for preexisting medical conditions to $4,000 during the first 12 months in the Plan.

If you are a full-time employee or long-term consultant, your plan benefits will end 25 days following the day you terminate employment at your Center, unless you are eligible for bridging or retiree coverage.